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Bid Booster Challenge

Free Webinar

Date: First Tuesday of every month, 12:00 – 1:00 pm MST

Remember the inspiring movie, Rocky?

In the film, a poor, unknown boxer gets an unlikely shot at the world boxing heavyweight championship. Most experts will tell you the odds of winning the championship are often spread evenly among the best 7 to 10 competitors – but unknown stars can alter those odds.

When the bell rings for your bid presentation round, your client already knows three things about you:

  • You have the right skills.
  • You have the right technology.
  • You have the right experience.

The real challenge? Your client knows those same things about your competitors (they also know about your price).

Like a boxing match, weeks and even months of proposal writing come down to one hour or less in the bid presentation ring. Regardless of whether you’re the current champ, a respectable fighter, or an upstart beginner, you want to win the round.

Give your bid presentation a brief but meaningful workout with our 45-minute free webinar. We’ll go a few rounds with 3 secrets to bid presentation success including:

  • Capturing – and keeping – your audience’s attention through deep understanding
  • Mobilizing powerful verbal and non-verbal cues in strategic story telling, executive presence, and empathic communication
  • Activating powerful visual strategies that enhance your connection

Ready to get in the ring?

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