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Stand and Speak Bootcamp

For leaders, consultants, and anyone who wants career growth and influence

Design your Dynamic Delivery!

Stand and Speak Boot Camp Overview

See detailed outline below.

For a long time, being a good speaker was seen as a positive asset for leaders (or those aspiring to be one) or a way of gaining an advantage over colleagues or business competitors. Now it’s truly a necessity. Why?

  • In this age of digital technology, you need to amplify your voice and get your message out there or your colleagues and competitors will beat you to it.
  • Even if you aren’t ‘selling’ yourself or your services (News Flash: We’re all in sales! You’ll learn more about that in the program), you will be speaking to someone, sometime, somewhere.

What You’ll Learn

  • Leaders: If you’re a leader or aspiring to be one, effective speaking is not an option. You’ll learn how to connect with your audience, inspire employees, and even how to handle unexpected situations!
  • Consultants: While your business may not have anything to do with speaking, you must promote your products and services every day, in person and online. Products and services are always evolving – and so are your target audiences. Inform and persuade every time no matter what the audience or situation – and even design your signature talk!
  • Not a Leader or Consultant? “All speaking is public speaking, whether it’s to one or one thousand” (Roger Love, Vocal Coach). You’ll enhance your ability and confidence to communicate in almost any setting from speaking to your boss, to interviewing, to dating – and beyond. You will amaze yourself through improv speaking exercises – and develop more confidence than you ever thought possible.

How We Do It

First, we help you figure out what to say and how to say it. That includes:

  • Engaging scripting
  • Powerful language that creates impact
  • Powerful visuals that ‘seal the deal’ on your message

Then we make your heart beat a little faster through:

  • Discovering your speaking superpower (Everybody has one!)
  • Understanding what on earth people mean when they say ‘presence’ (online and in person)
  • Tuning up the one instrument that means everything in speaking: Your voice
  • Figuring out what the heck to do with your hands
  • Identifying endearing but distracting habits

But don’t worry! We keep the cardiac arrest factor to absolute zero by starting with numerous strategies to keep you nerves under control:

  • No more knee knocking
  • Keeping the sweat down to a trickle
  • What to do when your mind blanks and your lips won’t move

Ready to have so much fun you’ll hardly notice you’ve become a speaker?

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This program is available in three formats. Note: Hybrid and In Person programs are currently only available in Calgary and Edmonton (Canada). Contact us to book a customized Hybrid or In Person program for your company or group of consultants in other locations.


Total Duration of Program: 12 weeks

Limit: 10 participants

Part 1: Developing Your Presentation

  • Learning modules with application between sessions
  • Weeks 1 through 5: Two, 1-hour sessions per week (If you can’t attend, recordings will be sent to you.)

Part 2: Activating Speaking Skills

  • Small group and individual coaching with practice in between sessions:
    • Weeks 6, 7 and 8: One, 2-hour session per week (These are interactive speaking sessions. Participants must attend live sessions.)
    • Weeks: 9, 10 and 11: 1-hour individual coaching session for each participant, once per week (These are interactive speaking coaching sessions that are scheduled to suit each participant’s calendar.)
  • Speaker Showcase in Week 12


Part 1: Developing Your Presentation

September 11 through October 9, 2024. Wednesdays and Fridays, 12:00 to 1:00 pm MST.

Part 2: Activating Speaking Skills

Small Group Practice

Wednesdays October 16, 23 and 30 from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm MST

Individual Coaching Sessions

1 hour per participant per week, scheduled at times convenient to each participant, November 6 through November 20.

Speaker Showcases

Week of November 25 through 29 (each speaker hosts a showcase session to be scheduled at the beginning of Part 2).

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Hybrid (Combination of online and in person)

Total Duration of Program: 8 weeks

Limit: 20 participants

Part 1: Online – Developing Your Presentation

  • Learning modules with application between sessions
  • Weeks 1 through 5: Two, 1-hour sessions per week (If you can’t attend, recordings will be sent to you.)

Part 2: In Person – Activating Speaking Skills

  • Learning modules with practice in between sessions
  • Weeks 6 through 8: Three, ½ day sessions once per week
  • Speaker Showcase during final session


Part 1 – Online: Developing Your Presentation

September 11 through October 9, 2024. Wednesdays and Fridays, 12:00 to 1:00 pm MST.

Part 2 – In Person: Activating Speaking Skills

Three Half-day Sessions on:

Mondays October 15*, 21 and 28 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm MST, Location TBA.

*October 15 is a Tuesday due to the Thanksgiving holiday that falls on Monday, October 14.

Speaker Showcase

Held during final session on October 28.

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In Person

Total Duration of Program: 6 weeks

Limit: 20 participants

  • Weeks 1 through 6: ½ day each week
  • Speaker Showcase during final session


Interactive Sessions

Six, half-day sessions on Tuesdays from 9 am to 12:00 pm MST, Location TBA:
September 24 through October 29, 2024

Speaker Showcase

Held during final session on October 29, 2024.

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Stand and Speak Boot Camp in Detail

Whatever your situation, our goal is to help you own whatever room you’re in – even if that room is within the four borders of your computer screen!

Leaders, Consultants, and anyone who wants to enhance confidence and be a better communicator will find our highly interactive, fun, and immediately practical program one of the best investments you will ever make in your own confidence and career.


Within 10 minutes of arriving, you will be speaking! Many go into shock at this – but think about it – we could spend all our time together sharing everything we know about public speaking (and you would definitely be able to catch up on your sleep). You could read every TED Talk book ever written (all fabulous). But none of that will ever substitute for getting up in front of an audience and learning to work through your fear.

How it Works

While you’ll be speaking a lot, we do have to spend time sharing information. However, we limit ‘teaching segments’ to no more than 20 minutes at a time before engaging everyone in active practice with each other or the entire group. This keeps engagement and energy high throughout the program – exactly what all of you will be learning to do in your presentations!

In each session, you’ll spend time:

  • In the large group supporting and inspiring one another
  • In small groups providing detailed feedback and sharing ideas
  • One-on-one with a coach/facilitator to refine your own speaking superpowers

Skills You Will Master

We move you through our proven, 3-step ‘WOW’ approach to skillful and dynamic speaking!

1. Win the Battle of Nerves and Gain Confidence:
  • Breathing strategies that work
  • Activating your nervous system through positive posture
  • Preparing for any speaking challenge
  • Organizing your thoughts ‘on the fly’
  • Responding with calmness, poise, and professionalism
  • Developing a sense of timing
  • Recovering from errors
  • Surviving mind ‘blanks’
  • Maximizing vocal and physical preparation
  • Mastering any ‘distracting habits’

And if ‘terrified’ continues to be your dominant emotion, you have the option of choosing hypnotherapy, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), and guided imagery techniques (with qualified coach/instructors) to support your progress. Note: These value-added supports are provided for no additional fees. We’re here to guide you in whatever way you need.

2. Own Your Compelling and Persuasive Message:
  • Strategizing focused content
  • Analyzing audiences to meet their specific needs
  • Repurposing your message for specific audiences
  • Identifying your core message
  • Employing strong organization strategies
  • Creating an engaging script with powerful, persuasive language
  • Applying scientifically proven persuasion techniques
  • Applying scientifically proven visual strategies
  • Creating captivating openings
  • Inspiring action with dynamic closings

If writing isn’t your ‘thing’, no need to worry! All our coach/facilitators are skilled writers and can help you craft just the right words. We’ll help you brainstorm intriguing phrases, provide repeated editing support, and ensure your message is a unique reflection of you.

3. Wake up Audiences Through Compelling Delivery

Now that you have a dynamic message, it’s time to connect with and inspire your audience!

  • Discovering your unique ‘stage presence’
  • Capitalizing on your unique speaking superpower (You do have one!)
  • Applying proven secrets of persuasive body language and non-verbal messaging
  • Relating to your audience through purposeful eye contact
  • Activating the power of your voice
  • Strategizing audience interactions
  • Employing in-the-moment responses
  • Refining message delivery
  • Embracing your ‘stage’ for maximum impact
  • Practicing, practicing, practicing!

It’s time to embrace your rightful place on the stage!

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