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Claim Your Confidence Boot Camp for Women

Next Program: July 9 to August 29, Tuesdays & Thursdays from 12 to 1 pm MST
Fall Program: September 10 to October 31, Tuesdays & Thursdays, 12 to 1 pm MST

Eight Weeks to Owning Your Abilities!

Claim Your Confidence Boot Camp for Women (Overview)

(See detailed outline below.) This is an online, public program involving multiple women. You can also arrange for the program to be offered exclusively to you with a group of women you know. Also available in person. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Conscientious women leaders often shy away from the authority that their role carries. Many are afraid of seeming egocentric or hurting a colleague’s feelings. We are also often challenged to ‘own’ our true abilities!

Historically, many inventions and discoveries have been made by women, but they have ultimately been credited to men: Lise Meitner discovered how to split atoms, but her male lab partner, Otto Hahn, received sole credit — and was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry. Hollywood legend Hedy Lamarr invented wireless communication — but the US government refused to take her seriously. And Allen Gant is credited as the inventor of the pantyhose but – wait a minute, it really was him! What woman would take credit for those diabolical leggings anyway?

All joking aside, there are far too many cultural norms (regardless of where you come from) that cause women to:

  • Limit ourselves
  • Wallow in self-criticism
  • Downplay our knowledge and accomplishments.

Don’t get me wrong – I am very fond of our male compatriots, given I happen to be married to one and serve maternal roles to three of them! I also spent most of my career working with majority male organizations, and while I had high regard for many of my colleagues, I learned the hard way that:

  • Men and women very much do communicate differently
  • It matters especially when we aspire to positions of leadership.

There are many other reasons why how women communicate matters, and women leaders and those who aspire to leadership have to be aware, all the time, of how to:

  • Advance ideas
  • Influence others
  • Advocate unapologetically for ourselves

Over an 8-week period*, you will learn power secrets to:

  • Focus your career building efforts
  • Create your own opportunities
  • Super charge your ability to effectively communicate in any setting

*8-week format:

  • 1-hour twice per week for a total of 16 hours of directed learning. (Don’t worry if you miss it! We’ll send you each week’s recordings.)
  • Application exercises you will perform each week to progress through the learning. (Self-reflections, assessments, and on-the-job strategies you will create resulting from the learning.)
  • Communications Showcase session with fellow participants (Your time to ‘strut your stuff’ with your newly acquired skills and confidence. Each participant holds a ‘showcase’ session all participants attend.)
  • Comprehensive manual with all information and tools. (We want you to be confident flying on your own when the program ends!)

Claim your confidence today!

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Claim Your Confidence Boot Camp for Women (in Detail)

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat in a boardroom and offered an idea, only to have it skipped over and then celebrated not 10 minutes later when a male colleague said the same thing. Another time, I offered a valuable business idea that was met by a male executive with, “Great idea, but it’s not appropriate coming from the training department”. Never mind that I was his fellow executive! Who cares where the idea comes from?

While these types of situations were irritating, even more irritating were a number of background elements I wasn’t even aware of. These were far worse than the obvious situations I described above, and included things like:

  • Receiving higher performance ratings yet still being marked as having less potential than my male colleagues
  • Associating leadership stereotypes such as ambition with men, making it harder to view me as a leader, even though I was very ambitious
  • Being left out of networking and connection opportunities usually offered to male colleagues
  • Undervaluing contributions I made to project success because my skills weren’t billable hours (I once played a significant role in retaining a client on a multi-million dollar project! Everyone else (males) got a bonus except me.)
  • And many, many more

There are hundreds of unconscious – and quite conscious – biases we as women face in the workplace, whether or not we are in the board room. It’s time we claimed our voice and our excellence. How do we do that?

In three critical ways:

1. Focus Your Career Building Efforts

Power is not given, it is claimed. Attention is not given, it is claimed. Credit is not always given – sometimes it has to be claimed. This doesn’t mean you mindlessly and cruelly step over others to claim your power, attention, and credit. It does mean you’ll have to amplify your voice and get your ideas out there – your male colleagues will absolutely do it for themselves, so why not you? This is not a time to be quiet, keep your head down, and just hope that your good work will be recognized.
We’ll show you how to:

  • Be fearless in asking for what you want and not taking ‘no’ for an answer
  • Own your title and stand tall and clear in your status and accomplishments
  • Negotiate skillfully through leveraging your accomplishments and experience, talking about them matter-of-factly, and demonstrating how your skills benefit the organization

2. Create Your Own Opportunities

To create opportunities for yourself within your organization, you’ll need to understand how your skill set can either solve for any gaps you notice or set yourself apart by raising your hand to do work others might not want to take on. How can you add value in any area – not just your own?

We’ll show you how to:

  • Develop a ‘second team’ beyond the one that you’re in or that reports to you
  • Build relationships with decision-makers at all levels
  • Self-advocate and amplify your achievements
  • Build strong partnerships in and out of the workplace

3. Supercharge Your Ability to Effectively Communicate and Influence

Effective communication and influence skills are the hallmark of exceptional leadership – and visibility. Those in positions of power are quick to recognize those who can influence, especially when you may not have formal authority.

We’ll show you how to:

  • Reframe subconscious, limiting beliefs and build your emotional intelligence
  • Establish your leadership presence through 15 strategies
  • Apply secrets of influential communication: written, verbal, and non-verbal

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