Thank you, Shona! I cannot express my gratitude enough. I discovered another me I didn’t know existed! You’ve been an amazing teacher for me with continuous support. Really appreciated! I am so happy and proud of myself!

Head of Production Technology
Major Global Energy Company, Second Place Winner, 2023 Speaking Competition

Thank you, Shona, for all your help! I learned so much from you and am so grateful for all the skills and expertise you passed onto me with such kindness and grace.

Experienced facilitator doing first keynote speech

I literally went into the program with no impression, no expectations at all… and I was mind blown! I’m an extroverted person, and I thought I would be great and it’s a piece of cake. I was mistaken! I learned so many things. Thank you so much for everything, Shona. I have learned so much from you and am forever grateful for it. I’m still in shock and no words! I can’t believe it… I am sooo happy!

Marketing and Sales Professional
Large Global Energy Company, Third Place Winner, 2023 Speaking Competition

Shona and her team truly pushed me out of my comfort zone, and I am impressed with the impact it has made on my speeches in just 2 days. I will be applying these tools throughout the rest of my career in communications.

Financial Services Manager
Major Investment Firm

I recently enlisted the services of Speak Easy to enhance my near non-existent public speaking abilities, and I must say, it has been a true joy to work with Shona! From surprising vocal warm-ups to tackling terrifying improv routines, to receiving her detailed constructive critiques, Shona makes the journey of refining ones speaking skills both enjoyable, educational and fun. Fun Fact: Did you know Shona regularly graces stand-up comedy stages to ‘brush up’ on her skills? With over 30 years of experience, I am confident she can make YOU a better speaker as well.

Accredited Mortgage Professional

We have already learned so much from Shona and her talented team! Everything is so practical and we can immediately use these amazing speaking and communications skills. Thank you so much!

Learning Professionals
Major International Broadcasting Company

I can say that this is the BEST program I have ever attended – and I have attended a LOT of programs in my career. It’s not just about speaking – it’s about social skills, how to deal with others in the workplace. When I joined [the speaking program], I was thinking I was good enough because I’ve done a lot of presentations… Fear is natural, and thanks to our excellent instructors, they are training us specifically how to feel the fear – and be the King of the Moment! Just take it!

Emergency Preparedness Coordinator
Large Global Energy Company

Shona and her team are just amazing to work with – flexible, responsive, creative, professional. I have hired her to design numerous training programs in communications and public speaking. Participants not only love her, they learn practical skills they can apply in the workplace.

Training Manager
Major Bank

Shona is an amazing speaker that helped make my 10th Anniversary conference a success with her ability to engage the audience and get our show started with a great motivational speech.

Professional Event Organizer

We thought that public speaking was a skill you either had it or you don’t. During the program, we saw people who could barely put a few words together in front of a small audience… and now we are all able to deliver a speech that is clear, persuasive and to the point.

Head Counsel, Legal Affairs
Large Global Energy Company

A big thank you to our amazing instructors! Your great support over these past few months pushed us to develop and strengthen our skills.

Petroleum Engineer
Middle Eastern Oil Company

This program really changed my thinking about how I show up as a leader. Thanks to Shona and her team for pushing us beyond our usual perspectives.

Project Manager
Major Pipeline Company

I was really lucky to be a student with Shona and her team. My learning curve has been on sleep mode for the past two years. They reignited me and shaped my speaking skills!

Project Engineer
Large Global Energy Company

Excellent training! Our 3-day speaking course provided a simple structured framework to leverage in all areas of my role and personal life – skills of persuasion are genuine and practical. Shona and her team are engaging facilitators with a knack for identifying areas for personal improvement and strategies to achieve them.

Head of Stakeholders Relations
Foreign Currency Trading Company

[Our speaking] program is a great opportunity to present a business model in front of a big audience. It allowed me to overcome my fears and be more resilient in dealing with uncertainly.

Head of Compliance
Large Global Energy Company

[This speaking program] is such a great opportunity. It got me out of my comfort zone, made me more comfortable to speak to an audience. It was my first time speaking in front of an audience, and I was absolutely nervous, shaking, and did not know what to say.

Senior Financial Management Analyst
Large Global Energy Company

[This speaking program] provided me with an opportunity to practice public speaking. I found my weaknesses, and overcame any associated stress. I really benefited from the program, and I recommend it to all of my colleagues – show up and overcome your fear!

Head of Inspection
Large Global Energy Company

My first day, I was so anxious and stressed. I thought, ‘What have I got myself into?’ Day after day, I became less stressed with the amount of impromptu peaking we got to do. Now I can I say I am relaxed, confident and thrilled.

Head of Operations Engineering
Large Global Energy Company

The program breaks all the rules that we’re used to in other courses! The opportunity we had to learn from professionals, to move around the stage, and use our voice effectively were amazing. These are important soft skills we all need to learn. You’re representing leadership, so you learn how to communicate with your staff, and take messages from leadership and communicate them effectively to the working staff.

Head, Fire and Rescue Operations
Large Global Energy Company

Once you enter, and once you leave the program, you are a totally different person. After the program, I had an enormous amount of confidence in speaking to everyone and also constructing a strong message.

Senior Process Engineer
Large Global Energy Company

It’s a unique course, not like previous courses that we have taken.

Senior Principal Commercial Advisor
Large Global Energy Company

[This speaking program] helped me acquire new skills including body language, breathing, and controlling my voice. [My instructors] advised me that I’m a storyteller by nature, and helped me tell my story through grabbing my audience’s attention, energizing them, and having them stay with me until the end

Head, Oil Projects Development
Large Global Energy Company

[The speaking program] exceeded our expectations. What we are before the program is totally different than what we are after the program – [we now have the ability] to be more confident and are able to engage with an audience and persuade them.

Head of Maintenance
Large Global Energy Company

I really had difficulty in public speaking and would be really nervous and avoid it! But now, I feel happy that I see how much and how far I achieved! I can now speak in public with confidence and spontaneity.

Laboratory Controller
Large Global Energy Company

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to be in this speaking course. It was truly life changing! Also, the Executive Vice President sent me an email stating that some aspects of my presentation will be implemented, which is a great honor to be recognized and part of changing the process for the better.

Logistics Manager
Large Global Energy Company

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