We work with companies and consultants who are DONE with mediocre presentations and want to stand out using a proven 3-step WOW approach so they can confidently influence colleagues and clients, win bid presentations, land speaking gigs, and gain highly profitable business!

Bid Booster Challenge

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Remember the inspiring movie, Rocky?

In the film, a poor, unknown boxer gets an unlikely shot at the world boxing heavyweight championship. Most experts will tell you the odds of winning the championship are often spread evenly among the best 7 to 10 competitors – but unknown stars can alter those odds.

When the bell rings for your bid presentation round, your client already knows three things about you:

  • You have the right skills.
  • You have the right technology.
  • You have the right experience.

The real challenge? Your client knows those same things about your competitors (they also know about your price).

Like a boxing match, weeks and even months of proposal writing come down to one hour or less in the bid presentation ring. Regardless of whether you’re the current champ, a respectable fighter, or an upstart beginner, you want to win the round.

Give your bid presentation a brief but meaningful workout with our 45-minute free webinar. We’ll go a few rounds with 3 secrets to bid presentation success including:

  • Capturing – and keeping – your audience’s attention through deep understanding
  • Mobilizing powerful verbal and non-verbal cues in strategic story telling, executive presence, and empathic communication
  • Activating powerful visual strategies that enhance your connection

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Stand and Speak Challenge

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According to Batman, these are the top 5 reasons people don’t develop speaking skills:

(Not really but it got your attention, right? Congratulations! You’ve just learned the first secret of effective public speaking.)

Reason 1: My speaking abilities aren’t good enough

Everyone has a speaking superpower – and we’ll help you discover yours! We’re not talking Batman-like superpowers (although by all means, you do you). We’ve taken people from terrified to terrific in under 4 days!

Reason 2: I don’t give many speeches, so it’s unnecessary

“All speaking is public speaking, whether it’s to one or one thousand” (Roger Love, Vocal Coach). Unless you’re living under a rock (or in the Bat Cave), you will be speaking to someone, sometime, somewhere. If you are living in the Bat Cave, we’ll help you feel good about leaving it.

Reason 3: I’m not in sales

The fact is, we’re all in sales. Want to get your leader’s approval for more budget? You need to persuade her. Want to convince your interviewers you’re the right candidate for the job? You need to demonstrate it. Want to convince Robin it’s time to leave the Bat Cave? You need to build a compelling case that no one will laugh at his costume.

Reason 4: It’s not a good time

It’s never a ‘good’ time when the Bat Signal summons you – but you still need to be ready when duty calls. After all, Bruce Wayne spent years training himself both physically and mentally to prepare for his crime fighting duties. We promise it won’t take nearly that long to claim your rightful place as a speaking superhero (see Reason #1!).

Reason 5: I know my products and clients so I’m good

The best products or services in the world won’t sell if you can’t truly connect with your clients. Just ask Batman. He must connect effectively with both superheroes and evil criminals, always trying to achieve agreement without violence. We’ve never once had a speaking class break out into a brawl, but we have shown hundreds of people how to influence, persuade, and inspire.

Are you ready to smash your excuses (sorry, “reasons”) and claim your speaking super powers?

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