Shona Welsh Principal Speaking Coach/Facilitator

Shona Welsh, BA, MCEd, CPHR, CExPi, CCInO, CCF

The founder of Speak Easy and past speaking and communications agencies, Shona is an international award-winning speaker, writer, and instructional designer. This includes twice competing in the World Semi-Finals of Public Speaking, placing second. For the past 8 years, she has led the Speak Easy team in developing and implementing numerous competitive and leadership speaking training programs in Canada and around the world. Participants have won numerous awards for their own speaking, including winning a National Business Plan Competition in the Middle East. Along with coaching individual speakers, including TED Talk and keynote speakers, Shona is constantly researching the latest thinking in speaking, non-verbal communications, and visual communications to ensure Speak Easy programs are always up-to-date and evolving. Not one Speak Easy training program or coaching engagement is the same or ‘cookie cutter’ – every program and individual coaching engagement is customized and responsive to each group and individual’s specific needs. As a certified Hypnotherapist, Shona also employs NLP and guided visualization techniques in her speaker coaching and training approaches, supporting anxious speakers and those with self-doubt in embracing their speaking talents (because everyone has them!). Shona holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Alberta, a Master of Adult Education from the University of Calgary (both in Canada), is a Chartered Professional in Human Resources, a Certified Hypnotist, and holds numerous other certifications in coaching, executive presence, and innovation.

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