Ideal for individuals or teams who are preparing for bid presentations in response to client proposals. This package includes:

  • One half hour free consultation
  • Professional assessment of existing presentation (including an existing PowerPoint slide deck):
    • Assessment/feedback of script/content using scientifically proven adult learning, persuasion, and engagement principles to (Client provides existing script/content.)
    • Assessment/feedback of PowerPoint slide deck using scientifically proven principles of visual engagement and persuasion (Client provides existing slide deck.)
    • Up to 3 edits/revisions
  • Secrets of persuasive techniques to convince your audience
  • Active speaker coaching/rehearsals customized to individual and team needs up to 8 hours:
    • Online Presence
    • Stage Presence
    • Body Language
    • Vocal Variety
    • Vocal Projection
    • Word Whiskers/Distracting Habits
    • Special Situation: Presenting to skeptical or hostile audiences
    • Handling Question & Answer Sessions
    • Filmed feedback

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