Bid Booster Boot Camp


Next Program: September 3 through 30, 2024. Daily every weekday, 12:00 to 1:00 pm MST.

Over a 4-week period, you will build your unique and compelling bid presentation for an upcoming opportunity or design a template for future bid presentations. The Bid Booster Boot Camp guides you and your team through our 4Ps Presentation Process: Purpose, Presenters, Preparation, Performance.



Putting real effort into your bid presentations is one of the best investments you can make in your overall RFP efforts, and research shows it’s one of the most overlooked parts of a bid. Your bid presentation is actually the ‘make or break’ step in your RFP efforts.

Your team will transform your bid presentations by moving through our 4Ps Presentation Process:


Your bid presentation is not a recitation of everything in your RFP response. A successful bid presentation starts with identifying your key purpose and the messages you want to communicate. We’ll show you how to apply our purpose-driven planning process.


Who presents is just as important as what you’re presenting. We’ll help you strategize key roles of each team member.


We’ll address the 3 most common ‘reasons’ people give us for not preparing and practicing adequately for bid presentations and employ active speaker coaching and rehearsals for individuals and teams.


The day of your bid presentation has arrived but there are still some key considerations to ensure your presentation is successful. We’ll get you ready for a stellar performance with the bid committee with some key strategies.


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